DIY Colic Tummy Tea

It’s been awhile since I posted last, many late nights with Yoshi Willow. I don’t like to talk about personal life too much but having an infant is hard mentally, physically, and emotionally! Our first child had terrible colic, in fact only my mom and dad were willing to watch her. She cried all night and all day. Yoshi started showing signs of colic about a week in a half ago. I started trying different teas to help her stomach, making sure she doesn’t lay down flat, burping and helping her fart after feedings, anything that would help. I finally found a tea that helps her sleep and calms her poor stomach. Our pediatrician told us colic is when infants have acid reflux, so when researching herbs to use I wanted ones that are safe for babies and help calm the stomach. Here is what I have been using, and it has been helping Yoshi with her gas, burping, and overall happiness.

Fennel- Has carminative actions that help relieve bloating, gas, and intestinal pain.

Catnip-Soothes the stomach and helps induce relaxation and sleep.

Chamomile- Aids in digestion, overall relaxation and sleep.

Hops- Induce sleep and reduce anxiety.


1/2 tsp fennel

1/2 tsp catnip

1 hop

1/2 tsp chamomile

1 cup hot water (not to a full boil yet, full boil will hurt chamomile)

Let it steep for 10 min (best time for chamomile and hops)




My First Hot Flash and Menopause Balancer Extract


This was my first percolation method and I definitely need more practice with this one. The whole process was exhilarating for me and to my pleasure my wonderful husband helped me during the whole process! The Herbal Apothecary Book by JJ Pursell has been wonderful and created an apothecary monster inside me! Let’s just say my amazon cart is full of apothecary books, Ayurveda books, and traditional herbalism!

For the last year I have been reading books on traditional herbalism, re-reading all my anatomy, physiology, pathology, and Ayurveda (recently with that one) to see the larger picture on how the body works and how to create balance through food and herbal extracts. Two years ago I went to school in Utah for a year studying massage therapy, during this time I spent the entire year learning anatomy, physiology, pathology, and kinesiology more than any other class. My school taught me its more important to truly know the body, how it works, and how to create balance vs cover up symptoms with most of our pharmaceuticals today. I have learned a lot on wet, dry, cold, hot herbs that go with ones constitution (which I can help you figure out in an upcoming post). All these things helped me create my recipes for these extracts/ salves, and now I am testing them to see how well they work with family and friends 🙂
Since my mother came to help me for the last 10 days (thank goodness she did! I am lucky I had my momma bear come help me during my ongoing healing process), I made sure she left with Hot Flash relief extract and Menopause balancer extract.

day 1 figuring numbers, turning herbs into powder, and soaking herbs for 24 hours in a mixture of alcohol and water. Alcohol is used in extracts because it can take the herbs and dissolve them through tissues quickly and efficiently, effecting the whole body fast.

*Hot Flash Remedy

Black Cohosh, Gotu Kola, Sage, Red Clover, Motherwort, Distilled Water, Alcohol

*Menopause Balancer

Dong Quai Root, Wild Yam Root, Licorice Root, Hops, Valerian Root, Kava Kava, Distilled Water, Alcohol


day 2 starting small amount and letting rest of herbs soak in the glass bottle.

day 3 actual percolation process



Soothing Labor Salve and Tea

Three days ago I went into the doctor and they said I am in early stages of labor. My doctor said I am 3cm dilated and 50% effaced, my baby’s head is “all the way down and can’t go any farther” . She told us we could deliver any day and we are at 38 weeks so we weren’t expecting my body to be ready yet. On the other side who actually ever knows when the baby will choose to come, I feel I am a sitting duck waiting around for its choice to enter the world. So we went home and started to put together a hospital bag, essential oils, acupressure points chart for my husband to use on me, all my crystals and stones, clothes for the family, all the necessary goods, some candles ect. I realized I wanted to have some of my own healing goods. I first made a labor extract using a percolation method knowing it will take 2-3 days to make ( when its finished I will have a post on that as well) , then I made my salve and tea so they are ready to go as well. Here is my ingredients and why I used them. 


Soothing Labor Salve


organic local beeswax

organic avocado oil


organic skullcap 2g

organic chamomile 2g

organic catnip 2g

organic sage 1g

organic lavender  1g

I used my mortar and pestle to crush up the herbs and put them in a crockpot on the lowest heating and added the avocado oil so that all the herbs were under the oil. I stirred the mixture once an hour and let them slowly cook for 4-5 hours. After words I added the beeswax, I had 1 cup herbal oil and added .08 oz of beeswax, cover with cloth and let stand over night.

Skullcap and catnip help relieve pain, and calm the muscles. Chamomile, lavender, and sage relieve tension in the muscles and body.  


Calming Labor Tea

For the tea I used Motherwort which relieves insomnia and helps reduce labor pains, valerian root and hops which acts as a sleep aid,  and raspberry leaf which prepares the uterine muscles for labor.  

Although I have not had any contractions as of yet, I am just in my early stage of labor currently, I had some on a restless night and it helped me sleep through the entire night!