The World and our Food Choices

How did the world come to a point where we can’t even trust food to survive? When did companies have no empathy towards other humans on our survival over their increase in monetary profits? When did we (and I mean my family included) become more focused on convenience and saving money rather than standing up for our basic human rights of truly healthy food and taking action? Marcus and I have stayed up nightly watching documentaries, TED talks, research studies on food, water, what our bodies need and ways to cook. I am trying to truly make a point every day to stop my sugar intake (I’m addicted to sugar), cook and eat whole organic vegetables, buy them from our community co-op to bring money back to our community, and use the information I  have found and incorporate it into our daily life which is much harder than I thought. All the recipes I have found don’t fit our family completely so I have been changing and making new recipes daily and it’s exciting and gives me hope for our children’s future and health. I have been combining several things into our food. I will be posting new recipes as well as random facts that deal with nutrition and great ways to cook for top nutritional benefits.

We try to limit carbohydrate intake to 70g and under daily, 30g for Aspen, I have found the combination of Coconut flour, Almond Flour, and Arrowroot powder makes for great substitutes with the addition of extra eggs.

We have installed a reverse osmosis water filter after recently finding estrogen from birth control pills is NOT filtered out in our water treatment facilities either are pain killers. Reverse osmosis will filter everything out.

We still use organic whole foods for our largest portion of food, next to the small amount of a locally non-GMO fed meat (I don’t eat chicken or pork).

The entire family takes daily doses of a Norwegian fish oil because any fish in the Pacific has major amounts of radiation due to Fukushima.NOAA energy map shows the intensity of the tsunami caused by Japan's magnitude 8.9 earthquake

The smallest portion is a few carbohydrates such as quinoa, rice, a dish I made from the substitute flour mixture, or nuts. Locally raised non-GMO fed chickens for our egg intake.

Broccoli sprouts added to breakfast every day because the Sulforaphane helps reduce your risk of cancer.


I would LOVE to hear from YOU on any new nutritional studies or how your family eats! Until then I am going to keep buying awesome cookbooks like this one from My New Roots IMG_3086


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