Time is a Precious Commodity

Lesson of 2016, time is a precious commodity. We all have the same amount of limited time in our daily lives, how we choose to use that separates us all. It is a battle for me on a daily basis. I thought I could be a super human and somehow create more hours in a day to fit in time with my children and be the best possible mom, work a part time job (that I love), and also start an apothecary business. The universe has proven to me I can’t change time, I must schedule out specific times for everything, and somedays I can’t be super mom or a super human to my dismay. Its one of my hardest battles because I have extremely high expectation for myself. I let go of expectations of other people 5 years ago, but not for myself. I admit I can have anger at myself for not being the perfect mother or not being able to do everything for my family, but some days I just need a break. I have to fit in an hour or two for silence instead of nature play or arts hour. I need a few hours to fuel my passion with apothecary but that means I need to cut out some hours on sleep. And when do date nights occur? We need time for just us. 2017 will be my time for letting go of my ego to be a super human and learning how to balance my time appropriately so that I can fully be there for my children, myself, my husband, and my passions.


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