DIY Colic Tummy Tea

It’s been awhile since I posted last, many late nights with Yoshi Willow. I don’t like to talk about personal life too much but having an infant is hard mentally, physically, and emotionally! Our first child had terrible colic, in fact only my mom and dad were willing to watch her. She cried all night and all day. Yoshi started showing signs of colic about a week in a half ago. I started trying different teas to help her stomach, making sure she doesn’t lay down flat, burping and helping her fart after feedings, anything that would help. I finally found a tea that helps her sleep and calms her poor stomach. Our pediatrician told us colic is when infants have acid reflux, so when researching herbs to use I wanted ones that are safe for babies and help calm the stomach. Here is what I have been using, and it has been helping Yoshi with her gas, burping, and overall happiness.

Fennel- Has carminative actions that help relieve bloating, gas, and intestinal pain.

Catnip-Soothes the stomach and helps induce relaxation and sleep.

Chamomile- Aids in digestion, overall relaxation and sleep.

Hops- Induce sleep and reduce anxiety.


1/2 tsp fennel

1/2 tsp catnip

1 hop

1/2 tsp chamomile

1 cup hot water (not to a full boil yet, full boil will hurt chamomile)

Let it steep for 10 min (best time for chamomile and hops)




One thought on “DIY Colic Tummy Tea

  1. Remember I told you about catnip and fennel with Aspen. I used it on your mother. The pharmacist made it into a liquid for me with a dropper. She had colic sooooo bad and projectile vomiting and it stopped it very soon. Didn’t know about camomile or hops in those days.


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