Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Foliage 2016

*This is being written at 4 am with a crying infant in my hands*


Its the time of year where trees are shedding their leaves based upon their pigment, characteristics of species, and weather. Each tree going through their own process in their own time frame just like us. Trees leaves contain little green chemical factories that are able to use the energy of sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into chemical compound such as sugars, as a by-product of that chemical reaction oxygen is given off.   why do leaves change colors?

Fall helps pull me back into the moment with appreciation of life, vision, smell, being human, having family, having earth and trees. Cold mornings, cool days, putting a sweater on in the morning with hot coffee, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, these are all the small things I appreciate and love about fall. Another small reason I appreciate fall is the trees, when I look at them I am reminded to be generous, trees don’t judge who can receive their goods like we humans do. When someone comes up to me asking for money and I find myself wondering if he or she will use it on alcohol or is truthful and in away “deserving” I think about trees. If they have the ability to give they just DO, there is no God complex. Why can’t humans have that?

This year we get to experience fall in the Appalachians and it has been spectacular! We live close to Brevard NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway, so when my Dad and niece Jaylee came out to visit for my daughters 2nd birthday we spent two days traveling the parkway with the kids. All the pictures are from Brevard NC to Little Switzerland which is about an hour north east of Asheville NC. We all had a wonderful times and it made a great learning activity with aspen on colors and nature walks.




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