Healing with Placentophagy

Placenta Encapsulation, also known as human placentophagy, has been used by midwives since the 1970’s and in traditional Chinese medicine since 1500’s. There has been little scientific research or funding to provide evidence of health benefits or risks. Midwives say it helps with postpartum depression, balancing hormones,fatigue, reducing post-natal bleeding, replenishing depleted iron levels, assisting the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy state, quicker healing time for the mother, and increasing milk production. Some mothers also save a portion of the capsules in the freezer for the child when sick or for when the mother is in menopause.

There are two types of encapsulation methods – dried capsules and traditional Chinese medicine capsules. I have used both methods after my births to see how they differed for my body and the benefits. With my first,  I used TCM and with my second, I used the dried method. After my first child my postpartum depression was hard and short but my body healed within a week after a frightening birth. On a side note,  postpartum depression does run in my family another were additional stability issues affecting my emotional wellbeing, which in part led to my postpartum depression. After the second child and a much more stable family life, I waited about 1.5 weeks to get my capsules from brilliant birthing.

During that short period of time,  I experienced postpartum depression, kidney infection, and my body was having a hard time healing. Within a few days of taking the capsules (3 a day), my kidney infection was gone.  I once again had energy, my body started to heal, and my depression lessened. I noticed a huge difference using the placenta capsules.

  • Dried capsules: The placenta is dried at 70 C for one hour minimum then 55 C for the remainder.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: The placenta is rinsed, steamed, dehydrated (same temperatures as dried method), powdered, and put into vegetarian capsules.

* The amount of capsules will vary depending upon the size of your placenta, usually from 90-150. Prices vary as well, with my first I paid $150 and the second was $200. I believe it is well worth the price to experience a quick healing time and a healthy body –  physically and mentally!

The Tree of Life: After giving birth with Yoshi, my midwife let me look at the placenta.  She showed me something I had never heard people talk about, she shifted the placenta into a certain position and asked if we could see the tree. It was amazing! I am obsessed with trees and its unbelievable how a woman’s placenta looks like a the tree of life! When Brilliant Birthing encapsulated my placenta, Contessa Briscoe made all three of these prints with no dyes, just use of photoshop. Can you see the tree?



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