ER visit and the road to recovery 

I thought I was recovering fast and day three I was able to walk around with no problem. I was beyond excited for a quick recovery and may have thought I could be super mom. That is until 4 days ago. Since labor I have had low back pain on my right side I thought it was just continuing contractions since I had some back labor. Each day it would be worse and the last two days I had rising fevers. Luckily my mom has been here to help me and the girls so she took me to the ER where we found out I have a sever kidney infection and uterine infection has not been ruled out yet.  

Recovery is different with each pregnancy and person, at least it has been for me. Most people don’t tell you about postpartum recovery, in fact before I was pregnant and during pregnancy I only knew some women had post partum depression. 

Post partum depression : I was one of those women and it didn’t hit with my first until 4 weeks. I was afraid to leave my house, scared that those I loved would die or what happened after death, in fact those thoughts plagued my mind over and over all day. I have been told I may have it again , just like my mom and it terrifies me. But now I know it is a false reality and everything will be ok. 

Contractions : oh they don’t end after labor, this time they kept going for 5 days after and some of them just as bad as labor. But good news they aren’t two to four minutes apart and they will flatten your stomach pretty fast! 

No wiping and lots of pads/ tucks: first off tucks are your best friend! I like to add frankenscence essential oil to my tucks for healing purposes. They sure do help with soreness and swelling! For anyone who hasn’t had kids you use a squirt bottle in replace of wiping. 

All in all postpartum can be difficult and long for women as well, it doesn’t just end after baby is born for our bodies and our mental state. Thankfully I have an amazing mom who flew out to take care of my kids and I for recovery! 


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