Yoshi Willow Clifton 9-9-2016


9:33 PM

Yoshi Willow Clifton was born!


It’s bizarre how different each pregnancy and birth can be with your own body. This time around was a much smoother, calm natural birth than my first (56 hours). I went to bed sep 8th and started having contractions, by 6 am the 9th I was having contractions 4 min apart so we decided to drive to the hospital. We live out in the woods so the hospital is 35-40 minutes away, we figured it was best to leave a little early. My body is like my sister, mom, aunts, we all have a hard time dilating past a 3, in fact most the women have had C sections because of this, and I almost had to have one with my first. This birth I was having contractions 1-2 minutes apart and still nothing past a 3. I have always wanted the full natural birth with no epidural, but like everyone says birth plans never go how you want them to as long as your baby is born healthy. My ego does still get in the way and I feel ashamed that I am not strong enough, I tried going natural with contractions 1-2 minutes apart until 5 pm on the 9th, and its exhausting mentally, emotionally, and physically. The nurses told me in order to dilate I need an epidural to relax my body. Honestly I knew I would be too tired to push, it was hard to stand up so I took the epidural. Funnily it made my left side numb, made my right side slightly numb but it went away on the right side and I felt everything on only that side right up to pushing. My dilation went from a 3-9 within 2 hours, I pushed for an hour and boom!!! My husband announced to everyone in the room that we had a little girl and cut the cord!! We were both shocked after thinking it would be a little boy! I never thought I could love anyone as much as Aspen but my heart grew double the size when Yoshi was born! I love them both equally in the most amazing way. She latched on immediately and is a great sleeper at night! I couldn’t be any luckier or happier with two perfect little girls and an amazing partner/husband!


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