Homemade Raw Chocolate Bark

Are you a chocolate lover? My husband, daughter and I am! Problem is I have a hard time finding good chocolate with least amount of ingredients, and when I do its incredibly expensive. I have been using several different brands, ways, and all different costs. So far I have found the best way to make chocolate bark is by buying bulk ingredients on Amazon unless you have a nice little local grocery store or co-op ( I always choose local co-ops first to support locals) . My bulk raw almonds are from our local co-op, all the other ingredients I couldn’t get locally so we ordered them on amazon. They were the best for price and quality. IMG_0807IMG_0809IMG_0810


Whats great is you can taste test along the way and make it just how you want. I love to use almonds and cashews in my food processor to create binding and thickening in the bark. Coconut sugar is not as sweet, so you can add however much you want, I usually keep it under 3 TB when using 1 cup of coconut oil to 1/2 c- 3/4c raw cacao. These are my preferred measurements, I tend to like think nutty chocolate bark. Just mix with a fork and make sure all the cacao chunks are blended in nicely, spread out evenly to your thickness liking on some wax paper, and freeze. You can keep reusing the wax paper and the bark is ready in 15-30 minutes!


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