Early Forest Kindergarten

When we have the great outdoors on the West and East why not get outside to learn?

Growing up I had ADD and my grades were terrible and my teachers thought I was a trouble maker. I had a hard time learning in a setting where I had to sit still and listen, I am still that way today. Hands on learning has always worked wonders for me, I was able and still am able to comprehend the subject several ways rather than having to go back over teachers note and memorize. This has led me to try forest kindergarten, a  year early but why not? Each week we go out on trails and learn about colors, counting, plants, insects, anything hands on to help her get a different aspect of learning rather than just reading her books. Anything to incorporate just being with nature, not a playground or zoo day (we love those days as well). Just walking on trails, being in silence, and surrounded by trees, bugs, dirt… mother earth. I believe it is good for my kids to have a balance, in everyday life there is chaos…. driving to a grocery store, people hurrying around at all times, mom and dad cleaning, laundry, cooking with her, ect. Its still all a type of chaos, which can be beautiful at times as well. But to take one day and be at peace with nature, with ourselves, that is different kind of beauty in its self. To see insects and animals full of life can create compassion for them, recognizing they are living as well among us. What if we all grew up with more compassion and understanding of the world, would we treat earth better? would we treat ourselves and each other better? Just things I ponder about in the middle of the night. How to help my children recognize all life and have empathy and understanding.

If there are any parents who also enjoy doing this please comment and let me know what you do with your kids in forest kindergarten or nature learning days! I never went to school to be a teacher so I love any comments on different learning games and what a 2 year old should be learning! 


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