DIY Sensory Book under $4

Aspen is 22 months at finding crafts for her to do are not as easy as one would think, she will randomly still put objects in her mouth, with crayons and markers she runs off and like to color on the walls of the house we are renting, so to put it simple loves to get messy! And that is ok, I just try to work my crafts around things that are washable like some crayola products, scissors that are for toddlers and not sharp, and glue that wont get everywhere, and cheap.

Everything was scraps from around the house or the dollar store! With todays activity I tried to incorporate colors, textures, and shapes into a book she could make with moms assistance when needed.  Every page has different textures, we included bubble wrap, green scouring pads, shiny aluminum foil, we painted with a washable green glitter paint, neon foam cutouts (mom cut these), sand paper from dad, space erasers, and some colorful pom pom. 


Aspens attention span worked great with this activity! She was able to be a big girl and do this activity herself with small amount of help from me.





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