DIY traditional wood toys

First I will say how thankful I am for family and friends giving our family toys for aspen and baby number 2 on its way. I must say these new toys that sing and talk non stop drive me insane! Our daughter has a oven toy that only talks about putting cupcakes and sugar filled treats in the oven. Another toy is a children remote control saying change the channel. What are we allowing our children to play with? We have taken out all batteries and I have kept thinking about the toys I had when I was young. Wooden toys, garden tools, swing sets, trampolines, stuffed animals, ect. We try to support only local stores and I have gone everywhere looking for these toys, I can’t find them. So my husband daughter and I made a family activity day by making some. We went to home depot and bought a 4X8 and cut it up into squares, rectangles, and triangles. I sanded them down so she wouldn’t get any slivers, and Aspen got to finger paint all her blocks. When they dry I am sealing them with a polyurethane to keep from being weathered. It cost $6 to make these toys, and the best part is she loves them more than any of the others! I can’t wait to make more DIY traditional toys.


Shown in the picture is less than half of the blocks we made.




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