North Carolina and new transitions

It has been a long time since my last post, sorry for the delay. Trying to going with the wind and live in the moment is harder than it looks, but still worth it. Since we left Utah life has been hard mentally, emotionally, and spiritually  and at the same time extremely rewarding for life lessons and learning. I feel the more I know, the less I know. The opposite from what I thought when I was younger. We didn’t know if we were meant to live in Whitefish Montana area or Asheville North Carolina, both appealed to us with mountains and the people who are self sufficient.


My husband is from North Carolina so we decided for the next few years or so to stay out here and let the children know their other side of family. While we have been out here we lived in a little trailer with aspen (21 months old now) and it was very hard for her so instead we moved about 35 minutes south of Asheville in a wonderful small farm town Hendersonville. I love it out here, forested, small population, and a wonderful cute small main street! I don’t feel like I belong here yet, maybe its because I still have no friends, or pregnancy emotions (they are everywhere) , or my intuition saying its not the place. I should feel like I belong because everything I believe in and love is here. We have a co-op, farms all over, apothecary workshops galore, breweries around every corner, and very kind southern people. For now I am going to continue working on our family, natural healing, and homesteading with what we can.


I have some big things on the way for my natural healing business aspenshealingarts, and soon I will be able to share it. Until then I will be reading books, experimenting, and attending workshops.


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