Days off and full time Momma



Working four days a week as a massage therapist and the other day as a full time mom is wonderful (actually mom shift never ends)! This week we have done new things everyday, park and library one day, arts and crafts, stroller ride and nature walk another, and today homemade healthy snacks. With Marcus and I both working for the first time we had to get aspen a babysitter, we interviewed and finally found someone we like so far! She will be coming to our house to watch her. I seem like a crazy mom, I didn’t want anyone who would turn on tv ( we don’t have a tv, but we do have an apple computer), feed her unhealthy food, or ignore her. It feels demanding to want someone who is willing to be outdoors with her, read books, play, arts and crafts, and be in the moment with her. Even if I sound crazy, I think its important for my daughter. So today aspen and I spent all day together making her healthy snacks to have at home. Aspen is an amazing helper and is a master in the kitchen!

What we made:

  • Cheesy Kale Chips: nutritional yeast, cashews that were soaked in water, red bell pepper, garlic, lemon, cumin, and kale. She loves these!
  • Raw Energy Balls: chia seeds, flax seeds, oats, coconut flakes, almond butter, local honey, and some fair trade dark cocoa chocolate chips.
  • Fruits leathers: local co-op fruit blended up and dehydrated.
  • Lemon Larabars and Coconut Larabars


For Dinner?? Local butternut squash that I cooked, pureed, added some vegetable broth, caramelized onions, garlic, sautéed local honey green apples, chunks of butternut squash, dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, on some penne pasta. May look not as appetizing but I promise it was delicious, aspen even agrees and she is starting to be a picky eater! I will definitely be making this more often!



If you have questions or would like to know exact recipes on anything let me know 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! I get one more day off with aspen until I go back to work, tomorrow we may just go try foraging for herbs on a nice nature stroll.


P.S. Have I mentioned I am going crazy without my garden this year. I will be finding a CSA soon to play in the dirt and help, maybe I can help enough to get veggies to can my marina sauce again 🙂




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