Baby Shower 2 with a special suprise

Baby number 2 is on his/her way! September 9th is the due date, and as of last week we just found a doctor and hospital for our special delivery! I have been working full time as a massage therapist at the Omni Grove Park Inn Asheville NC and its been amazing and also difficult on my body. My husband worked long hours so that I could be a stay at home mom in Utah, so until baby 2 is here I wanted to let him have a break and regain his energy to become balanced, it was his time to stay home with aspen and develop their special bond. He works part time Sierra Nevada Brewery and home brews with aspen. Before I keep rambling on trying to get caught up with life I will get back to the main topic, a much needed break to the ocean to see his family and my special surprise!

Marcus aunt Marjorie threw a little BBQ in New Bern with his family for us and the day before we went down the most amazing thing happened… my mother flew in to be at the baby shower! I was so happy I could cry, I have missed my mom, my nurturer, and have needed her during this last trimester. Universe must have heard me because I got her and it was wonderful.

Lets hope this last 5 weeks go by, we are anxiously waiting to see #2!! I don’t think my husband can handle any more nesting 🙂

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