Healing my ovaries with arts and crafts

You are probably confused by the title. I would be too it sounds bizarre.  Being pregnant and having a growing ovarian cyst I would like to use any natural ways of healing and shrinking my cyst. The thought of loosing my baby due to a rupture, infection, or miscarriage absolutely frightens and sadens me to my core. So I have been researching other ways of healing or why women get ovarian cysts. Looking at medical sites got me nowhere so I decided to read a book my friend recommended.  “You can heal your life” by Louise L Hay.9781561706280

She talks about how our emotions , thoughts, and actions can create physical problems but we can heal our self through a journey of self love, forgiveness, and being impeccable with our thoughts /actions /words. I have read several of Miguel Ruiz books where you go through the same process. I have been consciously working on self love and healing for 6 years after I hit rock bottom. It wasn’t until recently I went through a painful dejavu with a family member, I let myself wallow and dig a hole to hide in. I thought I had healed from it again, until I read the possible cause for a cyst. “Running the old painful movie. Nursing hurts. A false start.” Yep I believe my cyst started during the time I was re-living an old painful story. Every thing happened in the same time frame. As for the nursing I believe when we feel the need to nurse others back to health constantly either emotionally or physically. In my case I am physically breastfeeding (16 months strong! ) , but it’s the emotionally nursing someone over and over that hurts. She gives a simple daily affirmation to state daily, I believe you have to work on truly believing it within as well. As for the possible cause of any damage or unhealthy activity in women’s ovaries “Represent point of creation. Creativity” Shock is the first word to come to mind, I have been feeling a lack of creativity for a year now. It feels as if my femininity has been lost when I loose my creative power. Why and how did I lose it? Sometimes being mom I loose track of crafts and the little things I need to do for my self. Aspen is only 16 months and she is still in the stage of putting everything in her mouth, so I try to focus on reading, playing outside, and teaching her at home.

With some self realization I am taking the power back into my own hands again, I will heal with some TLC. Every month I am going to show myself some self love and creativity days. Crafts. Arts. Writing. Starting today my daily affirmations “I am balanced in my creative flow.” “The movies of my mind are beautiful because I choose to make them so. I love me.” Pinterest you will be my new friend for arts and crafts.


Day 1 of creation. A tree on canvas with chakra buttons. No matter how it turns out, its that I am in the feminine creation power.


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