Bump in the road

New years eve night my husband and I look at each other,  no exchange of words necessary we both know what the other is thinking. It’s all we have been talking, researching,  becoming increasingly more excited about, our transition to living on a small farm in Montana with our daughter.  Our daughter is 15 months and before we got married we bothink decided we want our children close in age so we started trying to baby 2 in December. We will be living in Montana and settled in before I will give birth. We thought we had every thing planned perfect,  this mean between now and May we can spend all our time fixing the house,  painting, and putting it up for sale, while of course working and bring parents to a busy determined little girl. We got this, we said to eachother after cleaning our basement. 
Flash forward to yesterday in the hospital. I was sent because my midwife thought I had an ectopic pregnancy or my appendix ruptured.  After a long day of tests and ultrasounds we found out 2 things.  1 we are pregnant , 6 weeks 5 days! 2 I have  large hemorrhagic cysts that may have to have surgery during the pregnancy. We are currently waiting for our insurance kicks in to find out more. Until then I’ve been told to slow down, try and rest as much as possible. This takes a damper on getting the house ready to sell.  I keep telling my self, universal timing has our back. I know the farm is meant to be for us,  so for now we aren’t following our specific time line,  instead we are going with the flow of timing.


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